What students/researchers can do in summer vacations?


It is time of summer vacations in schools, colleges and universities. Students ask me that what they should do in this free time? Mostly ask for internships. I think, this is an excellent opportunity for university students to groom their skills; you can focus on subjects/skills which you feel are weak (scientific writing, communication, leadership and innovation), polish them. I personally will request students to utilize the time in best way and you can either

  • Work on any national problem (power, agriculture and innovation etc.) and try to solve it in your own way. The work could be different from your subject of study but it will really help you in later part of your professional life. Do it alone or find like-minded people and start working.
  • You can go for internship, it help you in professional life but there are not many opportunities for internship, so if you really…

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